November 12 2021 0Comment

SAP Marketing Cloud’s Best of 2020

What a year it’s been for this community! It’s been a year unlike any other, with unexpected challenges and unprecedented change. It’s also been a year of inspiring efforts and new opportunities for marketers. The way we see the world may well have changed in the course of 2020. There is no simple way to sum up 2020. Disruption, uncertainty, awakening. Resilient, hopeful, heroic.

Last year was certainly challenging in many ways. While most will be happy to see the back of what’s been a challenging year, it’s also worth reflecting and recognizing what we’ve been able to accomplish. From SAP CX Marketing, here is the look back on what the year 2020 meant, and what marketers can learn from and take into 2021.

We also found a few moments to celebrate some notable accomplishments, including delivering more than fifty customer-driven innovations and innovative features across four releases in 2020. We’re proud that the innovations from SAP Marketing Cloud have helped many of our customers in navigating through the uncertainty. They have crafted an agile marketing strategy with some of the recent innovations from SAP Marketing Cloud to speed up marketing’s response to opportunities and threats and build resilience into their marketing budget.

Here’s a roundup of those and other reflections from the year that have meant the most to us—and you.

Marketing got a reboot this year – a new marketing agility and resilience recipe is emerging

As B2B marketers navigate a constantly evolving ecosystem, the need for B2B marketing transformation that puts agility and resilience at the fore has become urgent. It is pointing towards a marketing strategy that emphasizes capabilities in both areas that provide flexibility to adapt to stay ahead as well as the ability to quickly recover when they get disrupted. Just like a chef that focuses on the key elements of good cooking, a good cookbook that focuses on the key elements of any recipe, will bring the right level of scientific insight to raise the bar of cooking and help you master your cooking skills.